Sounding the city

“sounding the city”: enfoques críticos sobre los paisajes sonoros urbanos.

Since the concept of soundscape appeared in the 1970’s, the large diffusion and varied appropriations of the term has led to increasingly ambiguous and multi-layered practices. They altered progressively the original concept adding, subtracting and (re)interpreting different aspects of the lived environment. Recent critical approaches to the concept of soundscape have been developed especially in the field of urban studies, in which research on auditory experiences of space has challenged the prevailing visual assumption in architectural and urban design.

The research project “sounding the city” aims to explore, discuss and present the critical approaches of participant researchers/practitioners/artist. The project will begin in the frame of FASE in Berlin and will also take place in Stockholm and Madrid, connecting a core group (including Alex Arteaga, Ricardo Atienza, José Luis Carles, Cristina Palmese and Monica Sand) and local participants in each location. The fieldwork in the urban spaces, where this project takes place, will provide a shared base for all reflections, dialogues and presentations.

“sounding the city” is a research project developed into three platforms: FASE (Sounding Art Festival, Berlin, June 11th-13th), Re(s)on-art (international conference of artistic researching about public space actions. Stockholm, September 9th-12th ), and the International Congress in Audiovisual and Sounding Spaces (Madrid, December 2nd-5th).


In its first stage (11th-13th June, Berlin) “sounding the city” is opened to participation of 15 artists/researchers maximum, that develop a critical work of artistic or academic researching into soundscape sphere’s or, in a widest sense, into relationships between sound and urban spaces. Each participant must submit an application with a sounding work (stereophonic, bichannel or monophonic; for loud-speakers or earphones) made preferentially into the urban environment where the first stage of the project takes place (Instituto Cervantes in Berlin) or a brief academic study. In both cases presentations must show the work own perspective.

FASE 2014 PARTNERS: PERMANENT INTERNATIONAL RESEARCH GROUP “sounding the city: critical approaches to urban soundscapes”
Ricardo Atienza (Konstfack, Stocoklm)
José Luis Carles (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)
Alex Arteaga (Universität der Künste Berlin)
Mónica Sand (Estocolmo) Ark Desk:
Ricardo Atienza
José Luis Carles
Alex Arteaga
Monica Sand (ArkDes)
Cristina Palmese (UAM)
Raquel Rivera (FASE)

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