FASE 2014

In its 2014 edition, the Spanish Sound Art Festival FASE proposes an interdisciplinary reflection about the relationship between sound art, urban space and soundscape, taking the railway as epitome of modernity, source of esthetic inspiration and element of social transformation all through History. This reflection are considered in a practical way through the selected proposals, and is summarized in a theoretical way into a working sessions of the researching group “sounding the City: Critical approaches to urban soundscapes” (Universidad Autónoma of Madrid, Konstfack of Stockholm and UdK of Berlin) that will take place in the FASE 2014 program. The scientific committee of these sessions, that include fifteen researchers, is formed by Ricardo Atienza (Konstfack), Alex Arteaga (UdK), José Luis Carles (UAM), Monica Sand (ArkDes), Cristina Palmese (UAM) and Raquel Rivera (FASE). In them, artists and theorists will debate about aesthetic-philosophical questions, musical praxis around new critical perspectives of soundscapes. The results of Berlin sessions will develop then theoretically and practically all throughout 2014 and will show the process and results in other two posterior events connected with FASE 2014: RE(S)ON-ART Festival, in Stockholm and the XX Conference of musical Computing and Electronics, in the Universidad Autónoma of Madrid and Reina Sofía Museum.

In this way, FASE 2014 will reaffirm its proposal of building an intellectual and artistic interchange forum and, through the networking, taking part of an international resounding-net with the aim of generate spaces to sound creation and theoretical reflection.

They will participate in FASE 2014 Alex Arteaga, Ricardo Atienza, José Luis Carles, Ernesto Estrella, Martí Guillén Ciscar, Marcus Gammel, José Iges, Concha Jerez, Miako Klein, Cristina Palmese, Monica Sand, Elen Flügge and Heinz Weber.

FASE 2014 Festival will take place in the Instituto Cervantes of Berlin, the 11th, 12th and 13th of June, 2014.