Presentation FASE 2015

In this 5th edition, FASE wants to go head in quality and relevance. Thus, the work selection will be led by an independent and international Advisory Committee composed by a selected group of artist and academics. It is formed by Alex Arteaga, Ricardo Atienza, Lluís Nacenta, Volker Straebel and Salomé Voegelin. The public call will be divided into two participation categories: for emergent artists and art scholars and for established artists.

Relating the issue of FASE 2015, the current edition is focused on the own image of sound art. The matter for this year deals with the own conception of sound art work in such a manner that results intentionally ambiguous and self-referred. In this way, presented works should tackle the own notion of the sound art creation throughout the qualities o limitations of their genders and means. They would be self-referred in the sense of not making reference to concepts, objects o discourses, beyond of their scope of production, presentation and reception. They must be pure or abstract, and they will imply its preceptor. They can be art by art, they can be art about art.

FASE 2015 will take place in Berlin, in three different spaces: Instituto Cervantes de Berlin, Ausland Berlin y Errant Bodies, all of them art spaces of reference in this discipline.